12 Desk Ideas For Your Home Office

It is crucial that your work space reflect who you are. It is also important that the space makes you feel at ease and welcomed. Otherwise, you can kiss productivity out the door.

A person’s desk is really the star of any work area. It’s where you spend most of your time getting things done. Your desk should be as close to a dream realized as possible.

There are so many different options when it comes to desk designs. The possibilities for creativity are endless. I have a more modern and clean design aesthetic so I would love to have a desk like the one found in picture number two.

Glass desks are at the height of popularity. 

Plenty of natural lighting is crucial for any work space.

Not all desks have to be conventional. 

Having trouble getting your teen to do homework? Spruce up her environment. 

One way to make a statement in your home office is to add a funky wallpaper. 

A more industrial style desk and home office. 

White desks and furniture will always be in style.

A traditional home office. 

Have extra space in unusual spots? Try this idea. 

A simple but memorable home office. 

This clear desk contrasts beautifully with the studded brown leather chairs. 

Got some extra plywood laying around? Customize your dream desk. 

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How To: Repair Wood Furniture

Our furniture are  investments, heirlooms and decorative centerpieces.

That’s why when they get scuffed or damaged it can really be frustrating. When I’m vacuuming I always end up hitting the seats in the dining room or the legs of the couch in the living room. Immediately after I panic for awhile.

My first instinct may be to say it’s ruined  but I did some research on repairing wood furniture. I found that there are at least a couple of things you can do to try to revive the pieces. Check them out below:

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Beautiful Glass Homes

Not only are these glass homes beautiful but they are incredibly cool as well. Today, it seems that the glass home trend is on the rise. I love them because they make enjoying your surroundings so much easier. Imagine looking out from almost any room in your home and catching an unobstructed view of the sunrise or even the sunset in the evening? Priceless.

Could you envision yourself living in one of these glass homes?


A fireplace set within a wall of glass with views of a lake and the Canadian mountains. 

Poplar Point Dr
Kelowna, BC

This home is a modern masterpiece. Its unique geometric design and glass structure are truly incredible. 

Huntington Avenue
Saint Louis Park, MN

 This, glass, seaside estate is a dramatic expression of contemporary architecture and captures 270 degree panoramic views of the shimmering ocean and Santa Catalina Island.

Macapa Dr
Los Angeles, CA  

Stunning contemporary design paired with expansive views make this residence a standout on Red Mountain. A very tasteful design with a great floor plan – living, dining, kitchen, family room and master suite all on the main level opening to the outdoor living room terrace with a fire pit and a terrace off the dining room.

Draw Dr
Aspen, CO   

Stunning panoramic ocean and Malibu countryside views from every room of this 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 3400 sq.ft modern architectural home designed by award winning architect Patrick Killen and Widmann Development.

Stagecoach Rd
Malibu, CA

Designed by Vassos Demetriou, this gated home offers the ultimate in lakeside living and entertainment opportunities. The finest of materials and hand-picked tradesmen created a standard of excellence rarely seen. The home’s indoor-outdoor connectivity is enhanced with sophisticated sliding doors, covered terraces and expansive  views.

SE 41st Lane
Bellevue, WA   

A magnificent gated waterfront estate, elegant yet warm, comfortable and lushly landscaped. A cascading garden Koi pond surprises your guests and enchants your arrival! 70 feet of low bank waterfront has year round deep water moorage. 

E Mercer Wy
Mercer Island, WA

Located on one of the most desirable beaches in Malibu, this Paradise Cove beach home is an architectural masterpiece. Originally designed by Steven Ehrlich and completely remodeled by interior designer Michael Lee, this double gated, multi-level four bedroom, four full baths and three half bath home boasts privacy and quality in a truly sensational setting. 

Pacific Coast Hwy
Malibu, CA

Spectacular modern property, recently constructed home with panoramic ocean views of the Santa Monica bay and city lights by night. High-end finishes throughout make this sexy and chic home a masterpiece of both form and function. Retractable walls of glass bring the Santa Monica Mountains and blue Pacific into your living space.

Lockwood Rd
Malibu, CA

Pass under the columned portico through towering doors into overwhelming beauty as you stand in the high-ceiling, grand living room with fireplace and look out toward manicured tropical lawns to the blue Pacific. 

Cliffside Dr
Malibu, CA

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Optimizing Your Small Kitchen to Reach Its Potential

Contribution by Andrea DavisHomeAdvisor

Small kitchens can be difficult to work in, especially when you need to cook meals for families or host parties. You need everything to be accessible, and you don’t want to be squeezing past others as you’re preparing meals. You’d like a bigger space, but the cost of a complete kitchen remodel might not be in your budget. So how do you compromise?

The answer: small kitchens can be bigger if you’re willing to make adjustments and downsize in a few areas. Here are some recommendations for optimizing your small kitchen space so everyone can cook without compromise:

Create more storage space

To make sure all of your spices, herbs and dinnerware are easily accessible in a small area, optimize your cabinets by installing lazy susans and pull-out shelves. That way you can easily roll them out without having to be right in front of the cabinet, and you’ll have more room for storage than just what you can reach in the cabinet with your hands. It’s quick, efficient and doesn’t require installing new cabinets.

Install built-in cabinets

image via Guthrie Kitchen and Bath Plus, LLC

To save on space around the kitchen and avoid hitting your head, built-in cabinets are an effective storage option. They are long and tall, but they’ll be a bit thinner. A cabinet specialist can also cut out a space in the wall itself for additional shelving. That will maximize space while still optimizing for storage. Other built-in cabinet options include underneath the countertops, sink or an island. They should open up space for more storage rather than eliminate room.

Add more by decreasing sink size

Sinks are good for washing vegetables, meat, fruits and sometimes dishes. However, they don’t need to be as large as they often are when installed in kitchens, especially small ones. Consider replacing your large sink with a smaller one to save counter space. You will still have room in the sink to wash vegetables and meat, and there’s an even better appliances for washing dishes: a dishwasher.

Consider a pull-out countertop extension

image via Kopke Home Enhancement, Inc

If you need more countertop space for preparing meats, pastries or other dishes for dinner, it’s always possible to have a pull-out countertop installed underneath the edge of the counter to use when needed. That way you optimize the kitchen space while having the added luxury of more prep space. It will take a countertop professional to install this, but it won’t take them long or require being out of the kitchen like a remodel would.

Replace some appliances with their smaller counterparts

Large appliances—stoves, ovens, ranges, dishwashers, refrigerators—take up a good amount of space and can take away from other items living in a small kitchen. It might serve you better to replace some with smaller alternatives. If you don’t need to do dishes very often, it might be better to have a smaller dishwasher. If you don’t need a lot of groceries at any one time, consider a smaller refrigerator. The same applies if you don’t cook very often with stoves, ovens and ranges. One of the best options for microwaves is to install a built-in one above your range, which will save on countertop space without compromising on kitchen necessities.

Photos courtesy of DesignMine

See more of the home featured in the cover photo here.

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DIY Garden Decor Ideas

If you love spending your weekend at home nestled within your garden, primping and perfecting each flower and shrub, you’ve come to the right place. In honor of the Summer season, here are some beautiful and outrageously cute garden and yard decor inspirations.

My favorite garden design has to be the potters made from colorful children’s rain boots. What’s yours?


How could you resist hopping scotch on this pathway!


Align these little feet along side your garden’s entrance. 


These old cans are perfect for kids to create their own designs on. 


How cool?!


Yes, I consider this corn wreath decor. And it serves a duel purpose!


Succulents are all the rage right now. Their beautiful and unique shapes and sizes are perfect for adding something special to your garden. 


The holes in colanders are perfect for draining your plants’ excess water. 


Characters made from planters, perfect for Halloween as well. 


Put old rain boots to good use by making them into pots. A great recycling idea.

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14 Incredible Outdoor Living Spaces

I’m not sure about you but I adore being outdoors during the summer months. Imagine with me, if you will, the beautiful feeling of a breeze grazing your skin and how great the sun feels too. Magic! Pair that with being surrounded by family and friends and you’ve got perfection.

Here are 14 incredible outdoor living spaces, pulled from Coldwell Banker listings, that I think embody what it means to have the ultimate outdoor living space.

First–keep in mind if you are pondering over whether to add an outdoor living space or kitchen to your home, the potential, or lack thereof, for return on investment. If you happen to live in geographical areas that don’t experience many warm months you might end up losing in the long run. If the outdoor space will not be a feature used much, it won’t be very valuable to the home.


Pacific Palisades, CA $11,380,000


Honolulu, HI $3,900,000


Malibu, CA $11,750,000


Medina, WA $4,588,000


San Antonio, TX $675,000


Mercer Island $5,695,000


Malibu, CA $24,950,000


Traverse City, MI $5,500,000


Boca Raton, FL $4,999,000


Heath, TX $2,275,000


Prospect, KY $895,000


Woody Creek $5,995,000

Miami Beach, FL $19,000,000


Aspen, CO $19,500,000

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10 Ways to Incorporate Wood and Stone into Modern Design

Sticks and stones may break bones, but they make for fabulous decor. Bring the outdoors in with a mix of wood and stone to give your modern design a natural spin.

Stone and wood have long been the foundation for home construction, but the homes below–all available Coldwell Banker listings–make these building blocks look like new!  To view more homes with rock solid design, visit coldwellbanker.com.

Hardwood floors are a feature many people seek out in a home. But, how about hardwood ceilings? Wide planks line the ceiling of this modern home, softening the concrete walls and sharp corners. With floor to ceiling windows that look out to Michigan woodlands, the ceiling also gives the illusion of bringing the outdoors in.

wood ceiling

In this home, “nature” and “glamour” are synonomous.  The reclaimed wood table with a jagged edge fits perfectly with the crystal chandeliers, mirrored walls and stark white dining chairs.  Don’t be afraid to mix styles to bring an unexpected pop to your dining room.

natural wood table

A large wooden dining table is expected, but what about high-back chairs made from 4x4s?  The juxtaposition of blocky, unfinished wood with the smooth round dining table makes this modern dining room feel refined.

wood chairs

We’ve seen hardwood ceilings, but how about hardwood tiles?  This unique half-bath displays another modern spin on using wooden architectural elements in home design.  The combination of a textured feature wall and modern fixtures creates a clean, spacious look.

wood bathroom

A wooden headboard doesn’t have to look like it was designed for a century gone by.  Though this dark wood headboard is certainly fit for a king, the simple clean lines screams modernity.  In a room full of low-to-the-ground furniture, the floor-to-ceiling headboard makes the room feel loftier.

wood headboard

This bathroom has it all: waterfall countertops, layered stone tile, wooden cabinets, and a river rock shower floor.  But, the true show stopper in this master bath is the wood framing on the bathtub!  Similar to some designs that use cabinet facades to hide appliances in a kitchen, the wood elegantly disguises the white tub.

wood bathtub

Sure, stone countertops have been a la mode for decades, but adding a waterfall element to your kitchen island instantly updates with a natural twist. Let your countertop, whether it is granite, marble or quartz, spill over the side of your counters for a luxurious design that maintains continuity and clean lines.

waterfall granite

Concrete countertops, natural stone tile and even rock sink basins make this vanity, well, rock!  Don’t be afraid to stick with one genre of material–stone in this case–and simply use a variety of textures to create aesthetic interest.



This stone fireplace is anything but traditional.  The layered marble adds a subtle textural interest to an otherwise simple design concept.  Adding a stone fireplace to your sitting room doesn’t have to mean river rocks or red brick, try a sleek slab-style for a modern look.

stone fireplace

A stone fireplace gets a modern twist by aligning the hearth off center.  An instant way to bring modernity to a room is to use unexpected asymmetry.

offcenter fire


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On the Hunt for Free Art

My 4th of July weekend was filled with magic this year after discovering #FAFatl. My husband stumbled upon the project Friday morning, and it didn’t take any convincing on his part to get my walking shoes on and hit the town in search of some free art.

According to project’s site, Free Art Friday ATL (#FAFatl) “started in 2010 and is a city wide social art scavenger hunt where local artists and makers offer small versions of their work for free on the first Friday of each month. The project has the goal of encouraging creativity and to get people out and walking the local neighborhoods of Atlanta.”

Our home is filled with art—from our own creations to that of our friends Marcelo Daldoce and Summer Wheat, Etsy artists like Aja, and emerging artists at SCAD such as Xiaolu Zhang, along with many other amazing creators. Although there isn’t much room left on the walls of our home, how can you not want to take part in a treasure hunt with the hope of bringing home a new friend?

Our hunt turned out successful in two ways: 1. We scored our first treasure hunt find by Ms. Marvel (@miracoleBurns), which now adorns our refrigerator. 2. My husband (@ChesterHopewell) made his first drop and participated in #FAFatl.

Hunting and being hunted were equally fun. Finding a new piece of art for our home was a joy, and waiting to see if someone found my husband’s piece was a thrill.(Someone did within a few hours after dropping his CD of him reading 18 original poems).

A quick search using #FAF and inserting some random cities revealed that this is spreading to other towns like NYC, SAV, LA and more. If you’re looking to add some new art to your home, make sure to check out if local artists in your community are leaving clues for treasures around town. Here are some of my FAFatl fav’s:





@mrs blockhead






Main image photo credit: Coffee With Hallelujah

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6 Unique Ways to Light Up Your Backyard

When the sun goes down, turn your lights up!  Here are six fun and affordable ways to brighten up your backyard.

DIY Grapvine Lighting Balls

Learn How Here

Solar Lights Aren’t Just for the Ground

Instructions Here

$3 Glowing Orbs

Find Out More Here

Hanging Mason Jars

Buy It Here

Solar Chandelier

Learn How Here

Light the Way with Sun Bricks

Learn More Here

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10 Unique Backyard Party Ideas

Some of the best parties are the ones that never require leaving home.  Here are 10 unique backyard party ideas guaranteed to make any house party a hit:

10. Low Country Boil – This is the ultimate summertime feast: shrimp, sausage, potatoes and corn-on-the-cob smothered in Old Bay. Served family style on a plastic tablecloth, friends and family forget their manners and dig in with their hands. Have some summer beers on tap for the adults and fresh lemonade for the kiddos. This is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

9. An Old-Fashioned Family Picnic – Think a three-legged race, a water balloon toss, and a build-your-own sandwich bar. No one can resist a game of family feud!  Set out a bucket of sidewalk chalk for the kids to keep score on the driveway. So much fun your neighbors will be calling “Red rover, red rover, can we come over?”

Image Source: Kara’s Party Ideas

8. A Craft-beer Tasting – Ask each guest to bring a few bottles of his favorite craft beer. Pour one-ounce tastes into small cups labeled by number. Guests rate their favorites based on pre-set criteria like flavor, body and aroma. At the end of the party announce the winners and call out the guest with the best palate. Serve beer-friendly foods like pretzels, pigs in a blanket and chicken wings.

7. Backyard Movie Showing – How about a feature film under the stars? Set up a screen (a white sheet and projector do the trick!), pick your favorite flick, and serve up cinema snacks like popcorn and Junior mints. Ask friends to bring lawn chairs or picnic blankets to make themselves comfortable, of it you’re party is kid-friendly, set up this adorable “drive-in.”

6. Gather ‘Round the Campfire – Step 1: Build an awesome fire pit in your backyard.  Step 2: Invite friends (especially those that play guitar or tell great ghost stories!) Step 3: S’mores. Don’t have room for a fire pit? Try this ingenious s’mores bar idea.

5. An Ice Cream Social – Nothing says summer like ‘scream! Doll up waffle cones with sprinkles or place scoops in small Ball jars. Set up a toppings bar with diced fruit, candy and sauces. Don’t forget a wet wipe station to clean up sticky fingers before letting the kids back into the house.

cute idea for an ice cream party - put all the toppings in mason jars (takes up less space too!)

Image Source: Baked Bree

4. Backyard Brunch – Invite your friends over (and ask them to make a best-served-cold dish) to enjoy iced tea and dainty finger sandwiches in the garden. You’ll feel straight out of Downton Abbey when you host this elegant afternoon tea party.  Use fresh flowers and mismatched place settings for a chic garden party feel.

3. Let’s Luau – A Hawaiian-inspired party will make any backyard feel like paradise. Decorate the lawn with tiki torches and don guests with leis. Not ready to bury a hog for dinner? How about Hawaiian pizza and frozen pina coladas?

2. Dog Days of Summer – Invite your best friends and their best friends: their pups! Set out water bowls and treats to keep the dogs happy as well as refreshments for the humans. What’s on the menu? Hot dogs, of course!

1. Backyard BBQ – No backyard entertaining list would be complete without a recipe for the best backyard BBQ. Really, there’s only one rule: grill it. Whether you’re going fancy with flank steak or casual with burgers, there’s something to please even the pickiest eaters. To keep it simple, invite guests to bring a side dish or dessert. Have sunscreen and bug spray at the ready and keep decor casual with bright colors and fun table settings.

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